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Scarf Filters the City Air Around You

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This new fashionable scarf was designed to filter the air, blocking out 95% of common contaminants and the bacteria that cause influenza.

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Whether you bicycle in the city, work around vehicles, regularly travel in airplanes or buses, or just live in a smoggy area, the BioScarf is for you.

The new fashionable scarf was designed to filter the air, blocking out many of the common contaminants most associated with air pollution and the bacteria that cause influenza.

3 layers of protection guard against hazardous particles that pose a risk to your health. With its U.S. rating of N95, the generously sized scarf is capable of blocking 99.75% of all particles 0.1 microns in size or larger—and 95% of all non-oil based airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns.

The product, designed by an American couple, is available only online—and now you can take advantage of our exclusive 10% discount for all GNN customers! Use the Coupon Code: GNN

Because so many around the world lack the resources to protect themselves, for every Bioscarf the company sells, it is donating one to someone at risk.

Why This is a Good Gift:

  • Ethically produced: Safe working environment, fair wages with benefits, no child labor
  • Sustainable: Made of a polyester blend using post-consumer recycled water bottles
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Return it within 15 days, and they will “Make it right”
  • Multiple colors: All are printed with natural dies that don’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Social Benefit: Buy one, and the company gives one
  • Save Money: Save 10% with exclusive GNN coupon code (GNN)
  • International shipping: it may take several weeks for delivery and incur customs fees

Whether out for a ride, on a bus or a plane, or just on the street, get the Bioscarf for comfort and protection wherever it’s required.


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About the founder: During a business trip to China, Carlton Solle became ill, most likely due to complications related to air pollution. As an alternative to wearing a mask to protect himself, he turned to fashion. Back in Atlanta, his wife Hazel came up with the idea to design a product that would work both as a scarf and also a filter.